South-East Finland - Russia European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013

Project 2011-009-SE631

Open Innovation Service for Emerging Business - OpenINNO

General Description

The project is based on results of previous multi-years cooperation of the project partners

in the field of regional innovation systems research and development.

The project supports individual innovators and SMEs in their activities in development of high-technology


The project supports universities which are looking for development of corporative innovation

infrastructure and for commercialization of research results.

The project supports the development of human resources for innovation economic growth.

Project Consortia




  Lead Partner

Association of Centers for Engineering and Automation





 Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University


Committee of the Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade


 Committee on IT and Communications


 Lappeenranta University of Technology


 Kouvola Innovation


 Saint-Petersburg Interregional Resource Center


 Tahto Media Ltd


 Oy Karostech Ltd





Overall objective:

to contribute to economical development of partners regions through fostering pre-incubating stage of innovation life-cycle by developing, piloting and testing the competitive open ecosystem for interregional cooperation with special focus on young entrepreneurs.

Overall goal:

to design, implement and pilot a cross-border business incubation platform consisting of three elements:

  • Open Innovation as the methodology for realizing emerging technology-based cross -border business opportunities
  • New model of infrastructure for pre-incubating services alike “Oasis Network Incubation”
  • Development of human resource for innovations with specific focus on so called generation Y (born after 1978) both in Russia and Finland.

Specific objective:

  • Revealing potential and identifying barriers for development of technology-based business in partners regions based on open innovation paradigm.
  • Development and promotion of the open innovation methodology among “freelance” entrepreneurs, small enterprises and innovative organizations and Collaborative Networked Organizations.
  • Piloting the new model for pre-incubation services based on specialized infrastructure and IT tools for support and couching of innovators.
  • Harmonization of regional programs and measures for economical development and interregional cooperation in technology-based business as well as development and launch of new joint measures (grants, business support services, subvention etc.) in cooperating regions.
  • Development of additional education and training for trainers, researches, innovators and SMEs in the field of open innovations as well as international business in cross-border regions.

Main outputs

  •  Identified typical barriers and peculiarities for bringing open innovations from a theoretical discussion into a practical, operable level suitable for adoption by decision makers of various levels in Russia and Finland.
  • Recommendations for policy makers for development of regional innovation-industrial programs to foster economic growth and competitiveness of business in participating regions through innovative foundation and development of “freelance” entrepreneurship , small enterprises and Collaborative Networked Organizations.
  • International team of experts, which are trained in open innovation theory and practice, who will provide consulting services and coaching for individuals such as young entrepreneurial graduates and other potential entrepreneurs.
  • Case studies, methodology and a Guidebook for Open Innovation including quantitative and qualitative indicators for evaluation of innovation activity effectiveness.
  • Developed training materials in the field of open innovations for Finnish and Russian universities and other educational organizations.
  • Piloted solutions for creation of innovation infrastructure in universities.
  • Individuals and staff of universities, research organizations and innovative organizations trained in the field of open innovation methodology, new management styles and ways of communication.

Project duration:

21 February 2012 - 21 February 2014

       This project is co-funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland