South-East Finland - Russia European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013 Project 2010-021-SE396 “Improving Social Services”

SE396 Improving Social Cervices

Project " Development of social services " was launched in April 2011 and will run until April 2013 His participants are Lappeenranta University of Technology , Administration Imatra (Finland), as well as 6 Russian organizations , including the Committee for Information and Communications in St. Petersburg. The main idea of ​​the project is to create system for information support of Russian citizens living in Finland, and Finnish citizens in Russia , which were in non-standard or unusual situation for them. Therefore, one of their major objectives of the project - the collection and analysis of statistical data on what unusual situation for foreigners are common in Russia and Finland. The sources of these data are the Internet and sociological surveys of target groups , conducted by the project partners. Active participants in this work are the students St. Petersburg State University, Polytechnic University and Lappenrantskogo University of Technology, which organizes Summer and Winter Schools.

The information collected forms the basis for the search of those existing in Finland and Russian social services which can be used by foreign nationals to leave the most common difficult situations.

Typical problem of the use of available services are visual flaws presentation of these services (complex bureaucratic language , insufficient structured information , the emphasis on explaining the general rules without explaining what to do in certain unusual situations , etc.). For foreign citizens more difficulties are language barriers and those customary rules that do not require explanation for its citizens , but are unusual for foreigners. Therefore, in the course of the project is working on the development of imaging procedures to provide social services in St. Petersburg. This work deals with an analysis of existing regulations provision of social services and the creation of an information system for the visualization these regulations with particular emphasis on those unusual situations in which the most frequently fall foreigners. The outcome of the information system will be available via the Internet and allows you to interactively obtain information about the actions that should make a person who needs this or that social service. effective the data support those who have been in a difficult situation involving with foreign trip will be a multilingual portal , where users will be share information about what they have experienced difficulties in the preparation or during the trip.

Thus, the project will make a significant contribution to the development information support the provision of social services in St. Petersburg.